About Us

Our Mission:

Creating strong social movements that will drive lasting social impacts.

Global Impak is working to leverage real social change by financially supporting causes that are important to us.

50% of all net proceeds from the purchase of products in our store will support various global initiatives that help to protect the environment and wildlife.

It is empowering to use your dollars to affect real social change. We want to work hard so Global Impak can bring quality products to you and your home. We hope you will enjoy our store and online shopping experience and we look forward to serving you the very best products we can find, all with a message of making our world better. 

Our focus areas will include:

    • Wildlife Conservation
    • The Illegal Wildlife Trade
    • Stopping Trophy Hunting
    • Environmental Protection
    • Climate Change
    • Ocean Cleanup
    • Clean Water

Impak = impact in Afrikaans is a West Germanic language spoken in South Africa, Namibia and, to a lesser extent, Botswana and Zimbabwe.


Our Vision:

To live in a world where wildlife is protected and valued, the environment is treasured, our oceans are clean and thriving and access to clean water is available to all.  We also want our politicians to work with us to ensure the world is a better place for us all to live in. 

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