This App is Saving Elephants From Poachers

Elephant poaching is running wild in Africa. But somehow, Kenya, which was once a hotspot for plundering the gentle giants, now seems to be getting the problem under control.

Their secret weapon is simple: linking rangers and forensics with prosecutors — all through a clever smartphone app.

The threat: The illegal ivory trade is going strong. Fueled by the black market demand for ivory (particularly for traditional medicine in Asia), hundreds of African elephants are poached each year. As a result of this and other factors, the elephant population in Africa has dwindled to just 500,000 today, according to DW.

Turning it around: Kenya, on the other hand, appears to be a refuge for the beasts. The elephant population in the Eastern African country is trending in the opposite direction. In 1989, there were just 16,000 in the country. Since then, the population has more than doubled, reaching 34,000 in 2018, the last official number.

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