In Kenya, an Epic Photographic Safari Through Some of Africa's Most Dramatic Landscapes

The wildlife safari was born in the nature conservancies of East Africa. Now, after years of insecurity, it may be time to return.

Editor’s Note: Travel might be complicated right now, but use our inspirational trip ideas to plan ahead for your next bucket list adventure.

One evening last spring, a group of visitors to Kenya was parked by a dry riverbed on the Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy, drinking gin and tonics on the roof of a converted Land Cruiser while watching the sun set. Suddenly, monkeys could be heard crying in alarm — the pulse-quickening sound that typically signifies a predator’s approach. Fifteen minutes passed, during which the travelers listened intently. Finally, the sound of wooden cowbells announced the reason for the simian commotion. An eight-year-old boy, singing to himself, was driving a group of 40 camels out of the bush, determined to get the flock home before nightfall.

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