Ethical elephant sanctuaries in Asia:

What makes it ethical and where to visit...

When it comes to visiting wildlife sanctuaries, travellers these days plan their visits more sensibly — where they can witness animals in their true habitat sans chains and cages and engage with them without disturbing their peace. Ethical elephant sanctuaries are places that have dumped the saddles and ropes, forbidden riding and bathing, among many other activities that conflict with the animal’s purpose of roaming the wild and its well-being.

These sanctuaries ensure that the majestic beasts thrive in peaceful environs after having dealt with the rigours of the logging and tourism industries. In order to give them the life they deserve, places like Thailand’s Samui Elephant Sanctuary, Cambodia’s Elephant Valley Project and Laos’ Mandalao Elephant Conservation, among many others, offer unique experiences prioritising the gentle giants’ wellness.

As World Elephant Day falls on 12 August, take a look at some ethical elephant sanctuaries in Asia and learn about how they take care of these majestic beasts.



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